Hostel Facility

Accommodation for students from far away is available at ICE. We have 2 hostel buildings. Hostel buildings have a modern structure with good interior tiles attached bathroom. Students can order a different meal per day as he wants to eat. TV, daily newspaper,  CCTV security system & security guards are available at the hostel. Hostels are situated very close to the college campus, it is maximum of 5 minutes walking distance. Currently, 500 students are staying at our hostel.


3200/- BDT for Food+accommodation+ everything else


  • Very good environment and directly managed under the college authority.
  • Newspapers and TV Rooms
  • 24X7 Security guard.
  • CC Camera Controlled.
  • Different meal choice options from more than 5-6 items from the menu.
  • Each hostel has more than one caretaker teacher.
  • Additional free tuition for students in Hostels.
  • Regulation and intensive supervision.
  • Sports and other entertainment programs.
  • Cleaning service.