Department of Civil Engineering

The courses designed for B.Sc. in Civil Engineering consist of 4075 marks of 163 credits distributed over eight semesters in four academic years. Each academic year is divided into two semesters (odd & even) each of duration, not less than 11 weeks (66 working days). There shall be final examinations at the end of each semester. The medium of the answer in all examinations will be either in Bangla or English, but not the mixer of both. The theoretical examination of courses less than or equal to 2 credits shall be of 2 hours duration and courses greater than 2 credits shall be of 3 hours duration. An academic schedule for an academic year shall be announced for general notification before the start of the academic year, on the prior approval of the academic committee.

Marks and Credits distribution for B.Sc. in Civil Engineering

The distribution of marks and credits in various Definitions of Disciplines in the ordinance for B.Sc. Engineering Degree in the Department of Civil Engineering is given in Table-3 [Ref. The Rajshahi University Academic Ordinance, 2013 for B.Sc. in Engineering Curriculum of the Affiliated Colleges/Institutes, Article no 6.1]

Laboratory & Workshops for Bsc. in Civil Engineering at ICE: