Academic System

The College is functioning under the rules and directions of “Rajshahi University”

We offer 4 years (8 semester  Bachelor) of Science and Engineering (B.Sc. Engineering) courses with the approval of “Rajshahi University”.  It follows the syllabus of “Rajshahi University”, the exam will be conducted with the question which will be supplied by “Rajshahi University” and the answer script is evaluated by “Rajshahi University”. So there is no doubt about evaluation and education quality. Imperial college of engineering is the exam center and it has the regarding permission from “District Commissioner”. Finally, the certificate will be issued by “Rajshahi University” authority. So the qualified students will get a valuable certificate from a reputed public university that has quality confirmation.

Medium of Instruction:

The sole medium of Instruction of this college is “English”

Grading System:

Attendance Requirements & Marks Distribution:

(Ref. The Rajshahi University Academic Ordinance, 2013 for B.Sc. in
Engineering Curriculum of the Affiliated Colleges/Institutes, article no: 13): In order to be eligible to appear, as a regular candidate, at the semester final examinations, a student shall be required to have attended at least 70% of the total number of periods of lectures/ tutorials/laboratory classes offered during the semester in every course. A student whose attendance falls short of 70% but not below 60% in any course may be allowed to appear at the final examinations as a non-collegiate student and he/she shall not be eligible for the award of any scholarship or stipend for the following academic year/semester. A student, appearing at the examination under the benefit of this provision shall have to pay in addition to the fees, the requisite fee prescribed by the syndicate for the purpose. Students having less than 60% attendance in lectures/tutorials/laboratory classes of any courses will not be allowed to appear in the final examinations of the semester. The basis of awarding marks for class  participation and attendance is shown in the following table: